Floating Leverage System

0-500 1000 200 100
500-5,000 500 200 100
5,000-50,000 400 200 100
50,000-100,000 200 200 100
100,000+ 100 200 100

Floating Leverage System Chart

Floating Leverage System adjustment will take reference based on account equity. In this case, PBFX trading system will automatically adjust leverage based on account equity for each client.
Floating leverage can effectively provide more leverage support to stabilize Client Account during high tension period.
The implementation of Floating Leverage will effective on 13 JAN 2020 Kindly take note.
Customer can use Floating Leverage for all accounts.
Our floating leverage service is free and exclusive for our client only
Floating leverage allows customer to have flexible solution based on margin requirements and improve conditions for customers and reducing the risks of the trades.