Deposit Bonus Promotion

We are promoting a long-term promotion; this promotion is not stackable with other ongoing promotions. This promotion is available only for standard account.
1.Deposit Rules
First Deposit(USD) Bonus(USD) Leverage Lot Size
10 10 Floating 2
20 20 Floating 4
30 30 Floating 6
50 60(HOT!) Floating 12
200 90 Floating 18
Maximum Deposit:500 Maximum Bonus:150 Floating Bonus Amount*20%
2.Any deposit that fulfill our requirement within the promotional period will be entitled for bonus.
Under no limitation on time taken, once your trading account have successfully achieved the requirement of “lot size which is 20% of bonus amount”, you may cash out your bonus received.
After you have fulfill the requirement of cashing out bonus,you can send an e-mail to  <customer_service@PBFX.com> to apply for cashing out your bonus, and the bonus will be deducted and be replace with equivalent fund which will be deposited into the account. When customer apply for cashing out bonus, if the account’s balance is at negative state, the bonus cannot be cashed out, you have to either trade until your balance is in positive state, or you can deposit into the account to make it into positive value, then only you can cash out the bonus.
3.For orders that position held for less than 1 minutes, it will not be counted towards the required trading volume.
4.When your bonus will be deducted?
 1.)After you fulfill certain condition, your bonus can be deducted and converted into balance.
 2.)After receiving bonus, any form of withdrawal (fund transfer or cash out) will ended up with deduction of bonus based on the ratio of withdrawal amount to balance.
 1.)This promotion is not for any kind of arbitrage, if we suspect that any kind of hedging behaviors across accounts, including hedging between our platform and other brokers, PBFX reserve the right to cancel out any benefits or bonuses from accounts that involves in hedging behavior, we may terminate offender’s account under certain circumstances which including disable trades, cancel orders, return fund, etc.
 2.)If PBFX finds out that the customer has abused or attempted to abuse the program rules, we reserve the right to decide whether to stop, pause or deduct all benefit and bonuses, and terminate offender’s account under certain circumstances which including disable trades, cancel orders, return fund, etc.
 3.)Upon participating this promotion, you are defaulted that you have read, understand and accept to our terms and conditions. For any inquiries, please contact our customer service or sales representative for assistance.
 4.)PBFX reserve the rights to alter the terms and conditions of this promotion without notify in advance. If similar promotions are released in the future, latest terms prevail.
 5.)For any abusive conducts or behaviors that violate our terms and conditions, PBFX have the right to cancel out offender’s bonuses and earnings from it without having to provide any explanation.

Contact Us

1.Online live chat customer service working hours: Weekdays 9:00-22:00
2.For any inquiries, please send us and e-mail to customer_service@pribizco.com , we will provide assistance for you as soon as possible.