1.Trading on PBFX, you can accumulate your trading reward volume, with a amount up to $5,000.
2.Only Standard Account can participate in this event.

Lot Size Bonus Plan

1 Lot

Deposit 10$


Standard Account

The Bonus Is

Not Extractable


Time Event

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Trading Reward Acquisition Terms and Conditions:

1.Trading 1 Lot to deposit Bonus of USD 10
2.PBFX allow you to accumulate your bonus from trading volume up to $5,000. (Maximum Bonus for this event is USD $5,000)
3.Only Standard Account can participate in this event. Customers are allowed to participate for multiple times with multiple same-name account in Lot Size Bonus Plan.
4.One bonus account is created corresponding to each application.
5.Bonus account can get a maximum amount of $5,000 bonus.
6.Lot size can be applied in batches, until $5,000 is reached. Application in batches is limited to one month once.
Example :
a.Client deposit $1,000, traded 50 lots, apply for bonus account, amount given will be 50 lots x $10 = $500
b.Client continue trading for 100 lots, apply for more bonus, amount given will be 100 lots x $10 = $1,000. Total bonus given is $1,500. Client can continue trade until all $5,000 bonus is collected.
7.During the event, any standard trading account opened on the PBFX platform will receive a $10* bonus for each standard lot transaction. One standard lot silver can be used to receive a $50 bonus.
8.Customers who sign up for the event will receive a bonus from the platform and the account leverage will be 1:100.
9.This account will collect all the bonuses generated during the event of your trading account, and the bonus will be presented in the form of credit. At that time, you can send an email to apply for redemption of your bonus. You only need to fill in the detailed lot size (and the equivalent amount), the redemption bonus will be automatically added to your bonus deposit account.

Bonus Rules:

1.Profits generated by the bonus from the account can be extracted at any time. However, please note that your bonus amount will be deducted in proportion to the withdrawal amount.
2.The number of lots during the event will be calculated by the registered mailbox.During the activity period,the completed volume of lot all trading accounts opened by you in PBFX will be accumulated.
3.This activity is limited to Standard account types can participate in the calculation of the lot size.At the same time as attending the event,by default you have read the rules to understanding and agree to the terms of the event. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service and account manager at first hand.