Program Objective:

1.Create a Margin Call Precaution For Current And New Clients.
2.If Client MT Account Happens To Be Getting Margin Call, The Client Still Can Proceed Trading Using Safe Fund Account.
3.This Program is available from 01Aug2020 onwards.

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Program Details:

1.Program Start Date:01Aug2020 onwards.
2.This Program is only available for Standard accounts only.
3.Minimum deposit is USD 100.
4.When client account happens required a margin call, the client can proceed trading using Safe Fund Account.
5.Program Package:
Packages Deposit (USD) Safe Fund Account
A 100 - 9,999 50% of Deposit
B 10,000 + 100% of Deposit
6.Safe Fund Account Fixed Leverage is 1:100

Program Registration Procedure:


Client can register for this event by sending email to customer service ( after making any deposit. Safe Fund Account will available in 24hours.

Title: Safe Fund Program
MT4 Account Number: 300XXX
Client Name: XXXXXX
Deposit Amount: USD 10,XXX
2. Activation of Safe Fund Account for Trading

Client have to send notify email to customer service ( to inform for the margin call and activate the Safe Fund Account

Title: Activate Safe Fund Account
MT4 Account Number: 300XXX
Client Name: XXXXXX


Terms and Conditions

1.Internal transfers between trading accounts are not treated as deposits thus not entitled for bonus.
2.This bonus activity bonus cannot be superimposed on other activities.
3.Client needs to complete lot size which equal or more than 1% of the Safe Fund Credit amount in order to withdraw profits.
4.Safe Fund Account Fixed Leverage is 1:100 and no margin call for Safe Fund Account.
5.By Applying of Safe Fund Account program, you are agree to our Term and Conditions by default.
6.No Affiliate will be given to Introducing Broker.
7.Any trades that holding times less than 1 minute is not eligible as effective trading volume. Withdrawal for registered MT account will result in the deduction of the Safe Fund Account based on respective ratio.
8.One customer only entitled to one Safe Fund Account. Safe Fund Account is shared between multiple trading accounts. Reminder:Safe fund amount is cumulative.
Example :
a.$1,000 are deposited each on two same-name accounts, which equals to a total of $2,000. Client can apply for 50% of Safe Fund Account, $1,000 will be credited into Safe Fund Account. (which is $500 from account A + $500 from account B)

b.Deposit $1,000 in first account, apply for Safe Fund Account 50% = $500. Client encountered stop-out or a loss of 85% or more.
Choice 1: Activate Safe Fund Account.
Choice 2: Not activating Safe Fund Account. Client deposit $1,000 more into previous account or another account, apply for more safe fund. Safe fund is cumulative, therefore 50% = $500 are credited into the Safe Fund Account, total amount of safe fund will be $1,000.
9.Safe Fund Account is affected by withdrawals. When Safe Fund Account are activated, It will be adjusted by net deposit of all of client’s trading account.
Example :
Client deposit $1,000, withdrawn $900. Net deposit of client are currently $100, after client encountered stop-out or a loss of 85% and above, activates Safe Fund Account, safe fund will be adjusted to $50. After a loss of 85% and above is suffered in trading account, Safe Fund Account can be activated by application through email(15% left of net deposit). Customer service will activate the Safe Fund Account.
Example :
After client encountered stop-out or a loss of more than 85%,send email to customer service
i.Trading account number
ii.Activate Safe Fund Account application
iii.Customer service activates Safe Fund Account
iv.Client starts trading.
10.The maximum amount allowed for withdrawal of profits of Safe Fund Account is equals to safe fund amount.
Example :
Client’s safe fund is $500, when profit reaches $600, the equity of the account will be $500 credit + $ 600 balance = $1,100. Client request for withdrawal of $600, we will refer to the initial safe fund of $500, and decides that the final amount available for withdrawal to be $500.
11.Client can choose the activation of Safe Fund Account for one or multiple trading accounts.
Example :
a.When client encountered stop-out or loss of 85% and above in account A, apply for Safe Fund Account activation.

b.When client owns account A,B,C,D,E whereby stop-out is encountered in account A and B, client can choose to activate Safe Fund Account as well, we will adjust the safe fund amount corresponding to net deposit in account A and B for Safe Fund Account activation.
12.Deduction of safe fund according to ratio of withdrawal.
Example :
Safe Fund Account with credits of $500, profits from trading $100, client apply for withdrawal of $50.(withdrawal of $50 = 50% of $100 profit) Safe fund credits will be deducted by 50% = $250. Then Safe Fund Account will have $250 credits left.
13.If PRIBIZCO finds out that the customer has abused or attempted to abuse the program rules, the company has the right to suspend or deduct all the benefits and reserves the right to deactivate the customer account if necessary (including prohibiting to do transactions, close orders, withdrawal).
14.At the same time as attending the event, by default you have to read the rules for understanding and agreeing to the terms of the event. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service and account manager first for any enquiry.
15.PRIBIZCO reserves the right to amend the content and conditions of the program without prior notice to the customer.