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PRIBIZCO BONUS + BONUS Program (Expired) 16:19

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Terms and Conditions:
1. Internal transfers between trading accounts are not treated as deposits thus not entitled for bonus.
2. This program cannot be superimposed on other activities.
3. Any trades that holding times less than 1 minute is not eligible as effective trading volume.
4. The Bonus amount is credit amount and not eligible as support margin.
5. Traders and apply this program through multiple standard account.
6. Traders can perform extra deposit to accumulate trading lot for withdrawal.
7. Withdrawal for registered MT account will result in the deduction of the bonus based on respective ratio.
Client deposit $1,000, withdrawn $500 ( Withdrawal of $500 equal to 50% of Net deposit), Hence, trading bonus will reduce by 50% equivalence to $250. Client can withdraw 15% from $250 which is $37.5. Required lot size is 37.5 x 20% = 7.5 lot
8. If PRIBIZCO finds out that the customer has abused or attempted to abuse the program rules, PRIBIZCO has the right to suspend or deduct all the benefits and reserves the right to deactivate the customer account if necessary (including prohibiting to do transactions, close orders, withdrawal).
9. At the same time as attending the event, by default you have to read the rules for understanding and agreeing to the terms of the event. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service and account manager first for any enquiry.
10. PRIBIZCO reserves the right to amend the content and conditions of the program without prior notice to the customer.
11. PRIBIZCO has the right to withdraw the bonus offer and profit which is generated thought illegal or violation of rules.