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22-05-2020 17:37
07-05-2020 23:41
May Day Trading Hours Announcement Dearclient, Trading hours will be adjusted as follows, due to the upcoming MayDayon May 8 th , 2020GMT. Details are as follows: 07May2020
07-05-2020 23:40
PRIBIZCO Crude oil Risk Disclosure Covid-19 pandemic is not over yet, based on situation on liquidity provider, we have decided to reopen trading for Crude Oil products starting from now, with leverage remains at 1:10. However, there might
29-04-2020 23:39
European Central Bank Latest Interest-Rate Announcement Dearclient, The European Central Bankwill release its latest interest-rate decisionon April 30, 2020at 11:45pm GMT+0 (April 30, 07:45pm GMT+8). Around the release of such important eco
28-04-2020 23:37
US Latest Interest-Rate Announcement May2020 Dearclient, The USwill release its latest interest-rate decisiononApril 29, 2020at 06:00pm GMT+0 (April 30, 02:00am GMT+8). Around the release of such important economic data, there are usually m
09-04-2020 23:36
PRIBIZCO Temporary Adjustment on Crude Oil Leverage Announcement Dear investors, In view of the severe fluctuations and uncertainties in the crude oil market, the leverage of crude oil products will be cut to 1:50 on the date of the announc
07-04-2020 23:34
Good Friday and Easter Holidays Trading Hours Announcement Dearclient, Our tradinghoursof certain products will be adjustedas follows, due to the upcoming Good Friday and Easter holidaysof the year 2020. 07Apr2020
01-04-2020 23:31
PRIBIZCO Risk Disclosure Dear valued investors, Lately, Covid-19 pandemic is affecting various industries globally, causing poor liquidity in several trading products in financial market, resulting in invalid order in short trades such as s
01-04-2020 23:31
PRIBIZCO Risk Disclosure Dear valued investors, Global economies are being affected greatly by the outbreak of COVID-19, financial institutes and banks around the world are all being affected by this situation. While this situation might be
30-03-2020 23:30
American Non-Agricultural Employment Report Announcement Dearclient, The American government will release its monthly Non-Agricultural Employment Report on April 3, 2020at 12:30pm GMT+0 (April 3, 08:30pm GMT+8). Around the release of such i