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PBFX Notification: Official Launch of Cryptocurrency Product 18:14

PBFX Notification: Official Launch of Cryptocurrency Products
Dear client
We are glad to inform you that PBFX trading product has added new members. In order to meet the diversified investment needs of investors, PBFX has added two cryptocurrency CFD products, which are Bitcoin and Ethereum.
1. Bitcoin (BTCUSD)
2. Ethereum (ETHUSD)
Bitcoin and Ethereum will be officially launched on March 22. At that time, all client will be able to trade Bitcoin and Ethereum on PBFX MT4.
PBFX will provide low spreads and multi-level market depth, trustworthy and regulated high-quality trading environment, we always try to offer the best quality trading experience to our client.
At the same time, we are happy to receive any feedback. If you have any suggestions on cryptocurrency transactions, please feel free to contact your dedicated account manager.
Thank you for your continued support and trust in PBFX. If you need more information, please refer to the PBFX official website www.pribizco.com.