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PRIBIZCO: Will NFP data rose as expectation? 15:45

Current situation of the market movements has been positive for the US dollar. However, the global stocks value decreased as investors are afraid of increasing number of COVID-19 cases in the US. The most affected areas are Texas, Arizona and California. Although there are no plans to shut down parts of the economy operations, and the lockdown restrictions is not tighten up enough. Such measures could slow the recovery process. Stock market will still influenced. In other hand, Wall Street is starting to take note of President Trump’s fading popularity.

However, the US Dollar has benefited from this situation as businesses and investors considered it to be the only safe haven. The value of gold has also increased to reach its peak over the past 7 years. On the other hand, crude oil prices have dropped. At the same time, the Mexican central bank reduced interest rates by 0.25% while the Turkish and New Zealand central banks have not made any changes.

We have attached table of expectation of NFP reports and Relationship of the event and FOREX market.